Down to Earth Biology

Sensible, credible, focused, realistic. These are just a few words that describe our team of biologists, scientists, and planners - a team committed to environmental management and the practical application of aquatic and terrestrial science.  We’ve fostered these traits for over two decades resulting in a strong culture of service delivery and customer experience that is best defined as ‘Down to Earth Biology’.

Focused on what matters... Knowing what not to focus on is just as important as knowing what to focus on. Our experience enables us to distinguish between the two so that your dollars are concentrated where it matters, not scattered around the target.

Experts you can trust... Our expertise starts with our relationships. By getting to know you and your project needs, our knowledge of aquatic and terrestrial science is applied directly to your vision. The result?... focused, practical advice from a team of experts you can trust.

Scientists you can talk to... Want to know what’s happening on the ground or in the water?  Our integrated team approach means that when you have a question, you’ll be in contact with a team member who actually works on the project. And, one who can answer it in a language you can understand.

Practical science | effective results... Our competitive advantage is achieving success for our clients by taking aquatic and terrestrial science out of the theoretical and putting it to work. We provide actionable plans that keep projects moving forward - not reports that call for more reports.

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