McNaughton Creek Pipeline Integrity Dig

FortisBC, 2019

FortisBC undertook a pipeline integrity dig near McNaughton Creek on Vancouver Island in 2019. The Project was originally intended to take place in 2018, but was delayed due to an extreme fire danger rating in the area. EDI team members provided technical support over the course of the Project timeline by reviewing existing permit requirements, conducting an environmental assessment, updating the Environmental Management Plan, completing a fish salvage prior to instream works, and conducting environmental monitoring. EDI also assisted with notifications to regulators and First Nations. The review of FortisBC’s existing Pipeline Permit identified that the project could proceed within the current permit if certain conditions were met, including conducting an environmental assessment. The environmental assessment was to determine if project activities would pose a risk to sensitive environmental features at or near the Project site and provide recommendations to mitigate or avoid potential impacts on these features.