About EDI

Who is EDI, and how can we help you?

EDI focuses on living things and where they live. We have been in business for three decades and you can find us in nine locations in western and northern Canada.

We have a team of around 150 experienced specialists, including biologists, scientists, and planners with expertise you can trust to work on your project. We provide practical, environmental consulting services, specializing in aquatic and terrestrial sciences, as well as environmental management.

Why practical? — because that’s the kind of result that you can actually do something with.

It drives us to stay focused on our clients’ needs.

It drives us towards effective results.

It means that when we talk with our clients, we listen.

It means that if we’re nearby, we’ll stop by your project and take that sample you need.

Most importantly, it means that we take aquatic and terrestrial biology out of the theoretical world and put it to work for you on the ground (or in the water). And, at the end of it all, we won’t hand you a report that calls for more reports. You’ll have actionable plans and hands-on management to keep your project moving forward.

It’s an approach we call Down to Earth Biology

Talk to us today about what it could mean for you and your project.

Down to Earth Biology

Sensible, credible, focused, realistic. These are just a few words that describe our team of biologists, scientists, and planners – a team committed to environmental management and the practical application of aquatic and terrestrial science. We’ve fostered these traits for three decades resulting in a strong culture of service delivery and customer experience that is best defined as ‘Down to Earth Biology’.