Remembering Todd French

We are deeply saddened to announce the passing of Todd French, a beloved friend, colleague, and mentor. Todd was a vital part of EDI, and he leaves behind a tremendous legacy in the biological science community. He will be missed dearly.

Todd joined EDI in 2021 where he was involved in many interesting projects with a focus on limnology and watershed health. Prior to joining EDI, Todd was a research associate and a sessional instructor at UNBC, where he also collaborated with faculty on northern BC lake projects, including management issues on Tabor Lake.

Todd was one of the most passionate scientists we have ever known. It was Todd’s genuine connection to people, curiosity, enthusiastic attitude and never-ending patience that made him a valuable member of the team. An aquatic science student scholarship, the Todd French Memorial Award, has been established at UNBC in his name. To donate, please visit

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