Wetland Services

At EDI, we have a wealth of technical knowledge and experience in both aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. But what about wetlands, those in-between areas that link water and land? Our experts take a practical approach to wetland assessment and can make major contributions to your project.

Examples of our experience with wetlands includes:

  • Desktop and field wetland identification and delineation
  • Wetland classification in accordance with regionally appropriate classification systems such as:
    • Canadian Wetland Classification System (CWCS)
    • Alberta Wetland Classification System (AWCS)
    • Stewart and Kantrud System (S & K)
    • Wetlands of British Columbia (MacKenzie and Moran)
  • Wetland permanence assessments and historical imagery interpretation
  • Wetland impact assessments
  • Wetland Assessment and Impact Forms (WAIF)
  • Wetland Assessment and Impact Reports (WAIR)
  • Wetland functional assessments, including the Alberta Wetland Rapid Evaluation Tool – Actual (ABWRET-A) and the Alberta Wetland Rapid Evaluation Tool – Desktop (ABWRET-D)
  • Alberta Water Act applications and Code of Practice (COP) notifications
  • Aquatic Habitat Protection Permits (AHPP)
  • Wetland reclamation plans and replacement proposals
  • Wetland restoration designs
  • Erosion and Sediment Control (ESC) plans
  • Amphibian surveys
  • Vegetation and rare plant surveys
  • Wildlife surveys