Water Resources

EDI has developed a strong team of Water Resources professionals, experts who can help you with the hydrology and hydrogeology needs of your project. Our team can collect the data required, interpret the results, and work with your team to come up with practical solutions to potential issues.

Examples of the services our team can provide include:

  • Collection and evaluation of water quality samples from surface water, porewater, and groundwater for baseline studies and ongoing environmental monitoring
  • Installation and monitoring of hydrometric stations
  • Installation and maintenance of climate stations
  • Installation of groundwater wells
  • Sediment and soil sampling
  • Groundwater/surface water connectivity characterization
  • Aquifer assessments and conceptual site model development
  • Rating curve development and hydrological analysis
  • Time series and trend analysis of hydrology, hydrogeology and water quality data
  • Regulatory support for provincial and federal applications