Yon-Der Farms Aggregate Mine

Yon-Der Farms Aggregate Mine – Non-farm Activities in the Agricultural Land Reserve

Yon-Der Farms Aggregate Mine – Non-farm Activities in the Agricultural Land Reserve

Since 2009, Yon-Der Farms near Prince George, BC, has operated an aggregate mine on land designated as Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) for British Columbia. Non-farm land uses in the ALR are regulated by the Agricultural Land Commission (ALC) under the Agricultural Land Commission Act. Terms and conditions were outlined by the ALC for the owner/operator regarding topsoil handling, vegetation management and reclamation planning to facilitate timely and effective reclamation at the end of the mining tenure.

In 2020, EDI Environmental Dynamics Inc. was retained to complete an agrologist assessment for the Project and develop a reclamation plan tailored to site conditions, end-land use objectives, and ALC requirements. EDI’s assessment objectives and approach were structured in two phases:

Phase 1 | Preliminary Assessment

  • Review ALC Terms and Conditions
  • Conduct a baseline inventory of site conditions
  • Develop a reclamation plan

Phase 2 | Post-Reclamation and Closure Assessment

  • Evaluate execution of the reclamation plan
  • Characterize the status and trajectory of reclamation endpoints in relation to end-land use
  • Compile final reporting requirements in accordance with ALC Terms and Conditions

EDI’s approach emphasized landowner engagement and collaboration to meet Project objectives. Prior to and during Phase 1, EDI’s Professional Agrologist reviewed and discussed the status of the Project with Yon-Der Farms. Based on this dialogue, EDI and Yon-Der Farms generated a project timeline and charted a proposed schedule for reclamation and assessment activities. Phase 1 was completed in 2020 and Phase 2 is pending.