Agriculture Sector

EDI provides services to aid producers with their environmental stewardship initiatives. Our professionals have expertise in planning, drainage, species at risk, Schedule A/B, impact assessments, fill placement and permitting, and Environmental Farm Plan support. Whether it be site restoration, environmental feasibility/impacts of specific crop changes, competing land usage, assessing biodiversity or navigating regulatory processes – EDI has you covered.

Some of our services in the agriculture sector includes:

  • Coordination of BC Agricultural Land Commission applications including fill/soil removal, additional land uses, non-farm use and inclusion/exclusion
  • Support for the Environmental Farm Plan Program including riparian area management, erosion control, vegetation buffers, biodiversity and habitat enhancement
  • Government agency liaison (Indigenous, Municipal, Provincial, Territorial, and Federal)
  • Construction environmental management, planning and monitoring
  • Fish distribution, passage, compensation and restoration projects

Feature Projects