Agriculture Sector

At EDI, we provide services that support agricultural producers with their environmental stewardship initiatives. Our team includes Professional Agrologists and experts in planning, soil science, vegetation ecology, erosion and sediment control, GIS, and mapping. Whether it be assessing an agricultural site before or after project activities, considering impacts of crop changes, restoring or reclaiming a site, categorizing competing land uses, evaluating biodiversity, or navigating regulatory processes — EDI has it covered.

Services EDI provides in the agriculture sector include:

  • Coordination and environmental support for BC Agricultural Land Commission applications including Schedule A/B requirements in the Agricultural Land Reserve for non-farm uses, preliminary and post-reclamation assessments, fill/soil management, and erosion and sediment control
  • Support for the Environmental Farm Plan Programs including riparian area management, erosion control, vegetation buffers, biodiversity, and habitat enhancement
  • Government agency liaison (Indigenous, municipal, provincial, territorial, and federal) and permitting support
  • Construction environmental management, planning, and monitoring
  • Effects assessment related to native grasslands, drainage, and Species at Risk

Feature Projects