EDI Team Members Contribute to ECO Canada Course at UNBC

Cathy Mackay (COO)

The University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC) – Continuing Studies recently hosted a course entitled “ECO Canada Indigenous Environmental Entrepreneur Certificate”. This innovative program was aimed at business owners in the natural resources sector and entrepreneurs wishing to start a new business. EDI’s Bob Redden (Chief Executive Officer) and Cathy Mackay (Chief Operating Officer) were excited to present Module 1 to the online students on October 30. The topic was centred around the emerging trends in the environmental sector and how to seize opportunities, either through a start up or an existing business.

EDI has been providing instructors for various environment-related UNBC courses over many years (e.g., environmental monitoring, land reclamation, water monitoring, wetlands). This latest UNBC ECO Canada course included 11 students from across Canada, who participate in four online sessions. Bob stated “I was really pleased to be able to assist and contribute to this course, along with the many other players who helped to make the course a reality. I hope the students found the information we provided to be useful to them.”

If you would like to learn more about Continuing Studies at UNBC, click HERE (link: https://www2.unbc.ca/continuing-studies). For additional information about training services provided by EDI, please click HERE (link: https://edynamics.com/services/training/).

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