Prince George Airport Runway Expansion

The Prince George Airport Authority completed the extension of Runway 33 in 2009 with intention of positioning the Prince George International Airport as an alternative refuelling hub for international cargo and passenger airlines operating larger aircraft which require a longer runway. Both federal funding and land were required for the expansion which triggered the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (CEAA). The Project included the construction of a turning D-loop, a refueling and de-icing pad, improvements to the existing airstrip to integrate the new construction, and the design of new surface water management options/ditch lines. Works also included improving drainage from the airport to Haggith Creek, removal of trees and other vegetation to improve site lines, and construction of new infrastructure to support the expansion.

Our Role in the Project

Our role in the Project included:

  • Conducting baseline environmental assessments to support the CEAA process - vegetation, fish and wildlife.
  • Permitting services for the ancillary works (i.e., drainage improvements to Haggith Creek).
  • Developed Environmental Management Plans for construction activities.
  • Environmental Monitoring services throughout the construction.