Moose Population Inventory

EDI used a stratified random block method for moose population surveys within four management units based in Williams Lake, BC. The objective was to provide population estimates, densities, and compositions of each management unit to develop regional wildlife allocations in support of the Mountain Caribou Recovery Strategy. The surveys followed provincial Resource Information Committee Standards for aerial inventory methods to determine relative abundance. EDI developed a new method using ArcGIS software for survey unit delineation and a real-time map for navigation and data collection.

Our Role in the Project

EDI responsibilities included:

  • Survey planning, conducting fixed wing stratification, rotary surveys, data analysis and reporting.
  • Coordination, logistics, and fiscal management of 4 aircraft charters, and 3 First Nations bands. A First Nation member participated in each rotary flight.
  • Ensuring safety including coordinating with inter-agency Air Operations flight planning and check-in system.