Mayo B Hydroelectrical Project

The Mayo B Hydroelectrical Enhancement Project, commissioned in 2011, has increased the capacity of the Mayo system to generate power from 5 megawatts to 15 megawatts without the need for a new dam.  The project involved the construction of a new powerhouse and penstock as well as modification of Mayo River flow regimes to enhance the capacity for power generation, while retaining/enhancing salmon values in the river.

Our Role in the Project

  • Baseline data collection including fish, invertebrates, water quality and terrestrial components
  • Habitat mapping and modelling
  • Mitigation and compensation design
  • Impact Assessment assistance including YESAA submission and Water License and Fisheries Act authorization.
  • Environmental Monitoring during construction including in-stream works as well as bird nesting surveys and timber salvage surveys along the penstock right-of-way prior to clearing.
  • Design and construction oversight of a juvenile Chinook salmon-rearing channel downstream of the Mayo B tailrace (commissioned to 2012).