Golden Ears Bridge

Spanning the Fraser River in southwest BC, the Golden Ears Bridge connects the communities of Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge to Langley, Surrey and beyond. The six-lane bridge and 14 kilometre road network provides a quick and convenient link for residents and businesses that reduces travel times and regional traffic congestion. The Bridge was the first electronic tolled bridge in Western Canada and was opened in 2009.

Our Role in the Project

EDI developed the Wildlife Monitoring Plan and conducted wildlife monitoring during construction; specific tasks included:

  • Monitoring an active bald eagle nest situated close to construction activities.
  • Conducted pre-clearing nest surveys, wildlife salvages for Pacific water shrew and red-legged frogs.
  • Barn owl nest assessment and relocation.
  • Annual raptor/heron nest surveys
  • Development of recommendations for incorporating wildlife habitat features into engineering design of brdiges, culverts and fisheries compensation plans.