Buy Local, Support Your Community

November 23, 2016

Support your local business community and they will support you.

This is a philosophy that EDI has embraced since our inception and, as a regional company, it's one from which we benefit. As we have grown in the communities where we work and live, so too have our staff and we've seen our overal impact in the local communities soar. Some examples of how our business is able to give back to the community include:

  • Our ability to support local community groups and programs increases as we grow. (Check out our Community Spirit page).
  • Our staff have become strong community members (i.e., volunteers, mentors, coaches, board members, etc.)
  • Encouraging our staff to support local business has a snowball effect; the businesses we support, in turn, support the communities where we live.

We are proud to support the local communities where we work and live and encourage you to do the same. In the words of the Whitehorse Chamber of Commerce...

Your Business Builds Community