Bridging the Gap between First Nations and Industry

June 12, 2012

EDI was honoured to have been awarded the “Collaborative Research Award” at the Northern BC Business and Technology Awards on January 11, 2012. The award was in recognition of the collaborative research project with partners Brian Wolf with Prophet River First Nation (PRFN), Jane Young with the University of Northern BC (UNBC), Angela White with Encana, and EDI.

The project has recently been highlighted in UNBC's Spring 2012 edition of "Update" Magazine.

The project was a two year study of the traditional ecological knowledge of PRFN Elders and other knowledge holders regarding plants and plant gathering locations. Outcomes and deliverables from the project include a community book summarizing some of the plants and locations important to PRFN, a Spatial Data Decision-making Tool which provides a process for PRFN to map locations in the region which are likely to contain important plant species, a herbarium of the important plants, and other project deliverables. EDI would like to congratulate and thank our partners, in addition to recognizing the two co-nominees.