Our Nanaimo Team

One of the several services that the EDI Nanaimo team offers is riparian ares assessments, which are evaluations of the ecological condition and function of the areas adjacent to streams, rivers, lakes, and wetlands. Riparian assessments are important for protecting and restoring the natural habitats and water quality of these aquatic ecosystems.

EDI in Nanaimo, Environmental Experts

EDI Environmental Dynamics Inc. has a team of proven environmental professionals in the City of Nanaimo on BC’s Vancouver Island. The Nanaimo office was established in 2011, when Streamline Environmental Consulting joined EDI. “Over the last 20 years, initially with Streamline and then as EDI, we’ve worked extensively on Vancouver Island, the Lower Mainland and up the west coast of BC, as far north as Stewart”, explains Ian Redden, the EDI Regional Director for Southern BC.

The team members at the EDI Nanaimo office often work on projects in the renewable energy sector, with a focus on run-of-river hydropower. “Many of our hydropower projects have been for First Nations, which our team finds especially meaningful as we see the long-term benefits for communities and the environment,” says Ian. As an example, EDI Nanaimo helped with the permitting and construction of the run-of-river hydro project at Canoe Creek. To view a short video on this project, click HERE.

Urban development is another sector where the EDI Nanaimo team has extensive experience. “We’ve completed more than 300 riparian assessments over the years”, states Ian. The Georgia Greenway is an example of an urban development project in Nanaimo where EDI has contributed.

The Experience and Expertise of the EDI Nanaimo team

Environmental consulting services include:

  • Aquatic assessments involving fish, fish habitat, and instream flow needs
  • Wetland assessments, including amphibian surveys
  • Wildlife and wildlife habitat surveys, involving both large and small mammals
  • Riparian areas assessment and restoration
  • Environmental management, planning, permitting and monitoring
  • Government agency liaison (Indigenous, Municipal, Provincial, and Federal)
  • Municipal development permits and associated environmental resource assessments

EDI Nanaimo wants to help with the environmental aspects of your project. To get in touch with our Nanaimo team, CLICK HERE.