Environmental Assessment

When it comes to environment assessments and cumulative effects assessments, knowing what not to focus on is just as important as knowing what to study. With proven expertise in terrestrial and aquatic sciences, land and resource use, and environmental review and regulation, we understand how to separate the needs from the noise. That means understanding your project’s potential impacts, evaluating and mitigating them. By staying focused on what matters to your project, we can concentrate your resources where they matter most. The result? — succinct and effective work, with a satisfied client list to show for it.

The EDI team has extensive experience working with various regulatory legislation, agencies and their processes. Some examples include:

  • Impact Assessment Act, 2019, and its predecessors
  • Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, 2012
  • Fisheries Act
  • Migratory Birds Convention Act
  • National Energy Board Act
  • BC Oil and Gas Activities Act
  • BC Mines Act
  • BC Environmental Assessment Act
  • Alberta Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act
  • Saskatchewan Environmental Assessment Act
  • Yukon Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment Act
  • NWT MacKenzie Valley Resouce Management Act
  • Nunavut Planning and Project Assessment Act
  • Development on reserve, and the changing structure and regulatory processes of Indigenous Services Canada as well as Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada.