Our Grande Prairie Team - Energetic, Dynamic, And Diverse

Our team members are capable, energetic, and dynamic, with a diverse skill set, working in aquatic, terrestrial, and wetland ecosystems,” explains Kristin Kendrew, an Environmental Scientist at EDI in Grande Prairie, Alberta.

Team Stories - EDI in Grande Prairie

The EDI office in Grande Prairie opened in 2002. Team members provide environmental services for many sectors during various project phases (e.g., planning, permitting, construction, and operations). The Grande Prairie team offers:

  • Soil and vegetation assessments, including both pre- and post-disturbance site assessments;
  • Wildlife and wildlife habitat surveys;
  • Wetland assessments consistent with the Alberta Wetland Policy requirements; and,
  • Aquatic assessments, including fish and fish habitat and watercourse crossing assessments.

Team members understand the applicable regulations and legislation in Alberta and British Columbia, as they actively work in both provinces.

The EDI Grande Prairie team has the enthusiasm, knowledge and professionalism to get the job done right! CLICK HERE to get in touch with our team in Grande Prairie.