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EDI Environmental Services Burnaby office is currently located in Greater Vancouver at Burnaby, BC. Anyone who has lived in Greater Vancouver or southern British Columbia can tell you it is a wonderful area, with many opportunities. That’s the reason why EDI established an office in Vancouver in 2006. Another reason was to be closer to our clients.

“The team was relatively small initially, but expanded considerably in 2012, when EDI acquired Robertson Environmental. We are still growing, with the recent addition of new team members,” explains Ian Redden, EDI Regional Director for southern BC. “Today, our team in Burnaby is focused on several sectors, including mining, urban development, municipal infrastructure, and renewable energy.” In addition to their work in the Greater Vancouver region and southern BC, team members from the Burnaby office often provide support for projects in other EDI regions, particularly in northern BC and Yukon.

One of the unique characteristics of the EDI team members at the Burnaby office is the fact that most of them commute to work using public transit or bicycling. Biking helps them stay fit and ready for field work!

The EDI environmental services Burnaby is eager to help you with your next project. To get in touch with our Burnaby team CLICK HERE.