An Active Health and Safety Culture

EDI is Committed to Providing a Healthy and Safe Work Environment

At EDI Environmental Dynamics Inc., our commitment to health and safety is prominent in all aspects of our operations. “Workers and sub-contractors can access proscribed policies and procedures, but it’s the positive attitudes and behavior of our team members that create a strong and constructive health and safety culture at EDI,” says Dennis Thideman, Occupational Health and Safety Director at EDI.

“People enjoy working at EDI because our team members adopt our core values, forming trusting relationships. This is especially true for health and safety,” explains Dennis. “When something happens in the field, we want our team members to feel comfortable coming forward to discuss it. We all try to learn from what happens and work to make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

The cornerstone of this positive culture is the leadership and commitment of management and workers to make sure health and safety is always in view. The EDI Health and Safety Policy outlines very clearly that employees at all levels are responsible and accountable for EDI’s health and safety performance. Safe work practices and procedures represent EDI’s foundation for building a strong health and safety program.

New employees at EDI receive an orientation that is essential in establishing the framework for health and safety attitudes. “The employee orientation sets our newest team members on the right path. They receive a clear understand of what is expected and how to communicate within teams. They get immersed in EDI’s health and safety culture from the start and are introduced right away with our core values of ‘We do it right’ and ‘We have your back’.”

The entire EDI team would like to congratulate Dennis on his recent designation as a Canadian Registered Safety Professional. The CRSP designation is the gold standard for safety professionals in Canada. “We are all so very proud of the hard work Dennis put in over the past few years to get this designation. A great accomplishment for Dennis and a benefit to all of EDI,” explains Bob Redden, Chief Executive Officer at EDI.

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Dennis Thideman, Occupational Health and Safety Director

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