Water Resources Are Integral to Environmental Assessment and Permitting

Expands Its Water Resources Teamnn

Exciting things are happening at EDI Environmental Dynamics Inc. with the expansion of our Water Resources Team. Mary Ann Middleton, a Professional Geoscientist at EDI, explains: “Last year we had a handful of people on our Water Resources Team. Currently, we have more than 10 team members that provide a diversity of skills and experience. We have experts in both groundwater and surface water from across northern and western Canada.”

EDI team members have experience collecting groundwater and surface water samples and installing/maintaining groundwater monitoring wells, hydrometric stations, and climate stations. They also have extensive experience dealing with data in terms of management, quality assurance, and analysis. The Water Resources Team at EDI has developed tools including a field app, a comprehensive database, and an in-house library of analytical tools developed in R, which integrate and set us apart in data quality and efficiency. Collection and analysis of water-related data are integral components of environmental assessment and permitting processes. These various water resource services are readily transferable across various sectors, including mining, transportation, agriculture, urban development, and consider climate change across all sectors.

Mary Ann Middleton, Professional Geoscientist, EDI Vancouver

Mary Ann Middleton, Professional Geoscientist, EDI Vancouver

Our Water Resources Team is ready, willing, and able to help you with the water-related aspects of your project. For a detailed list of the services our team can provide, please click HERE. For information on EDI’s experience with groundwater sampling, click HERE.

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