Starting Aquatics Training Early

Leslie Gault, an aquatic biologist at EDI in Calgary, appreciates that learning about living things is an important part of education at elementary schools. That is why she has volunteered for the past several years to give presentations about fish and aquatic ecology at two schools in the Calgary area: Maple Ridge and Riverside.

These two schools focus on hands-on learning in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Grade 3 classes at both schools receive fertilized rainbow trout eggs from the Bow Habitat Station via the Fish in Schools (FinS) program. The students care for, and then release, the juvenile fish into the wild (i.e., provincially-approved waterbodies).

This year, Leslie has visited both schools, giving presentations on what she does as an aquatic biologist, and then ties that in with what the students are learning at school about fish and fish habitat. She introduces some equipment, such as a YSI probe that measures water quality (i.e., pH, dissolved oxygen, temperature) and a Swoffer meter that is used to measure water flow. Leslie also helped the students at Riverside School release their rainbow trout to McLean Pond, located in Kananaskis Country, outside Calgary. 

Each year Leslie looks forward to visiting the classes, answering interesting questions from the students, listening to some of the challenges the students have had in raising their fish, and working as a group to troubleshoot how to resolve challenges. She also enjoys celebrating, with them, their hard work and contributions to conservation through the release of their rainbow trout.

Leslie is a member of EDI’s skilled team of biologists, who provide a range of aquatic science services. We are excited to help you with the aquatic needs of your project.

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