Spotlight on Community: Meewasin Valley, Saskatoon, SK

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EDI Provides Multi-year Funding Support to Meewasin

The beautiful Meewasin Valley and South Saskatchewan River weave their way through the City of Saskatoon, SK, and are definitely among the many reasons Saskatoon is known as the “Paris of the Prairies”. Meewasin, a local, non-profit organization, is dedicated to conserving the cultural and natural resources of the Meewasin Valley. EDI is pleased to announce they will be providing multi-year funding to Meewasin, in support of their “More Than a Trail” Capital Campaign, which involves a total donation of $10,000 over five years, starting this year. In recognition of this generous gift, for the next 10 years, EDI’s name will be featured on a bench situated along the Meewasin Trail, where people can sit to rest and look out over the river valley.

“The opportunity to support Meewasin with this fundraising campaign was a great fit,” explains Cameron Jackson, the EDI Saskatoon office lead and project manager. “At EDI, our core purpose is to make a difference by helping people and the environment, and Meewasin has similar objectives relating specifically to their conservation and management goals focused on the Meewasin Valley. Over the past two years, EDI has provided support to Meewasin related to an environmental assessment for a trail expansion project in the River Heights neighbourhood, and has provided guidance on a proposed native seed bank initiative.”

Andrea Lafond, CEO of Meewasin, speaks about the partnership, “We are so pleased to have corporate partners who care about our community and the environment, so appreciative of this donation. In addition, EDI’s objectives align very well with Meewasin and working together we can ensure meaningful access to nature and healthy biodiversity for future generations.”

For additional details on our EDI team in Saskatoon, click HERE. To reach out to our team in Saskatoon, click HERE.

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