EDI Grande Prairie’s 20th Anniversary

EDI’s Grande Prairie office has always had a dynamic group of team members with a diversity of experience. It’s hard to believe twenty years have passed since the office was first established in this bustling community, which has added more than 30,000 people to its community during that time.

The early years for EDI in Grande Prairie involved a lot of commuting from the Prince George office for EDI team members like Bob Redden, Leslie Chamberlist, and Eric O’Bryan, with a focus on construction and upstream oil and gas projects. Eventually, EDI joined forces and office space with Allnorth, which solidified the presence of EDI in Grande Prairie. Cathy Mackay, Chief Operating Officer at EDI, states that “diversification has been the focus of the Grande Prairie office for the last several years, with a concerted effort to expand the types of services provided to a variety of clients.”

Kristin Kendrew, office lead at Grande Prairie, explains, “One of the hallmark qualities of our team here in Grande Prairie is the fact that we are all ‘bilingual’ in terms of fully understanding environmental regulations and their application in both British Columbia and Alberta, as our clients are located in both provinces. Another characteristic of our current team is our group effort to support local businesses. For example, every Monday we all try to go out for lunch at a local food truck. It’s nice to spend time together in a casual setting and support local people and their businesses.”

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