EDI Builds the Right Tool for the Job – mPro

Collecting Environmental Monitoring Data Just Got Easier

EDI Environmental Dynamics Inc. has developed an exciting new tool to manage environmental monitoring data called mPro. A multifaceted application, mPro allows EDI biologists to collect data on site (and offline) with a tablet or smartphone that can later be synched and managed from a desktop computer using a web browser. “Our clients want efficient ways to capture data, reliable data storage and management, and high-quality reporting. That’s why we created mPro” explains Logan Thideman, an IT specialist at EDI.

In the field, EDI staff use mPro to record site data, note field observations, and make journal entries, eliminating the need to enter data from hard-copy, hand-written field notes. Back at the office, the app generates database and Word files from the collected data, resulting in quick and consistent data management and ease of reporting. Additionally, mPro can track the same site over time. For example, if an action item has been requested at a specific site, notes on that item are updated in the system. Once action items have been completed, the record can be closed. The mPro system has been successfully used by EDI for a variety of high-profile, complex projects.

The mPro application is one of several data management platforms EDI has developed in recent years. These data management platforms are versatile and can be adapted to the requirements of individual projects. New platforms can also be created to “build the right tool for the job” adds Logan. If you are interested in mPro or want to learn more about using data management platforms for your project, please give us a call. Our contact information is available HERE

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