Dedication to Environmental Education

EDI Teaches Courses at the University of Northern British Columbia

EDI Environmental Dynamics Inc. is dedicated to sharing knowledge about the environment. Since 2015, EDI staff have been instructing courses on behalf of the University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC) on topics such as environmental monitoring, land reclamation, and electrofishing.

EDI’s course offerings, in partnership with UNBC, have grown since we delivered our first training opportunity. “Rob Bryce from UNBC first asked us to help teach the course for the Environmental Monitoring Certificate, and then our role expanded into developing and teaching the Land Reclamation Certificate, Advances in Land Reclamation, and the Electrofishing Certificate,” states Cathy Mackay, EDI’s Chief Operating Officer and one of the course instructors. Additional instructors from EDI include Jason Yarmish, Hanna Donaldson, Mark Asquith and Jeremiah Skelton, who each have extensive experience with environmental monitoring and management. “We teach these courses many times over the year,” explains Cathy.

The Environmental Monitoring Certificate course can be taken either online or in person through a customized training program at UNBC. First Nations and Metis groups, interested in having their members take the course, have arranged for the program to be taught in their communities. This has been the case for the Fort McKay First Nation and Fort McKay Métis Nation, who have created a video of their training experience, which is available to view HERE

Further details on the courses provided by EDI through UNBC can be found by clicking HERE for the customized in-person training programs and HERE for the Environmental Monitoring Online Certificate. Additional information on training services our company can provide is available HERE.

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