BUSINESS STABILITY – Focusing On What Matters

EDI wants to provide stability in this uncertain time of a spreading pandemic, economic downturn, and worker isolation. We’ve got your back, and we continue to focus on what matters to you. We will continue to support your work as Canada’s fundamental economic drivers, resource developers, energy providers, government and community support. We support your leadership and we will focus on the progress and certainty of our delivery.

EDI will continue to deliver without interruption. For 26 years, EDI has survived and prospered by adapting to changing conditions, economic swings, and client’s often quickly evolving needs to provide “Down To Earth” environmental risk management services. While the pandemic is altering how business operates, EDI offers stability by having the organizational structure and systems in place to address your demands and meet your project needs. EDI’s staff are spread across eight different offices, from Nanaimo to Saskatoon, from Burnaby to Whitehorse. Given our wide geographic distribution, we have systems already in place that allow our staff to work remotely and collectively on projects from anywhere, using secure remote file access and internet and phone-based communications. These established systems allow us to continue delivering on your projects regardless of the changes imposed by the pandemic.

Our basis of stability includes the following systems and business conduct:

EDI is capable and equipped to have staff working remotely while continuing to support our clients. We have resilient cloud storage that provides our users with uninterrupted, secure access to project data.

We already use remote access tools such as video conferencing for communications between staff, offices and clients. We are technologically well equipped and adaptable, regardless of the current worker isolation protocols.

EDI hires capable, team-oriented people. We build project teams with enough skill redundancy to ensure project delivery remains uninterrupted during unforeseen circumstances.

We work closely with our clients to assess project risks and develop project-specific and adaptable solutions.

EDI is prepared and we are adapting every day to ensure stability. We will ensure that we can help with your project today and in the future.

You can count on EDI: People you can talk to — Experts you can trust — Focused on what matters.

Bob Redden, CEO

EDI Environmental Dynamics Inc.

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