A Team Player in an Inter-Connected Community

EDI’s Role in Mining

EDI Environmental Dynamics Inc. takes a practical, team-oriented approach to providing environmental services to our mining clients in western and northern Canada. “We recognize that a mining project requires both long-term commitment and investment. That’s why we try to help clients and regulators focus on the bigger environmental and economic picture over the life of the project,” states Mike Setterington, Technical Director at EDI. “We want to take a measured, strategic approach to making sure things are done right for these long-term projects.”

EDI has an extensive history of contributing environmental expertise to mining projects. For example, since 2007, EDI has provided environmental support for the Mount Milligan Mine, 140 km northwest of Prince George, BC. This support has included conducting baseline surveys for the environmental assessment, developing the Environmental Management Plan, and conducting environmental monitoring during construction and operations.

Beginning in 2008, EDI team members also provided technical assistance for the Mary River Mine on north-central Baffin Island. They assessed the distribution and abundance of terrestrial wildlife and collected traditional knowledge on caribou. To date, that information has been used in more than 20 technical work group meetings and two public hearings as the mine goes through phased development. Many hours have been spent trying to understand the wildlife in the region and working with Inuit to learn from their knowledge of local species.


“Mining in Canada, particularly western and northern Canada, is made up of a relatively small community of project proponents, environmental support teams, and regulators. We focus on building strong, respectful, relationships based on trust, integrity, and collaboration and these relationships continue as people transition to different roles within the mining community,” explains Mike. One location where this community gets to touch base is the annual mineral exploration Roundup organized and run by the Association for Mineral Exploration (AME). This year, Roundup will be held January 20 to 23, 2020, at the Vancouver Convention Centre East.

EDI is dedicated to assisting mining projects in a practical way that makes sense for proponents, local communities and the environment. For a list of services EDI team members provide in the mining sector, click HERE.

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