Safety at EDI

EDI Environmental Dynamics Inc. is committed to providing a healthy and safe work environment that provides a balanced approach to safety and operations, which is key to our corporate culture. Our daily operations reinforce our commitment to ensure prevention and protection of our staff, sub-contractors, clients, public, property, worksites and the environment through standard OHS principles such as review of hazards and risks, inspections, investigations and communications.

It is EDI’s objective to meet or exceed legislation, regulations and industry best practices.

EDI believes all injuries and incidents are preventable. To achieve this goal, EDI has developed extensive practices and procedures, safety planning, incident reporting and investigation systems that support and promote EDI’s health and safety performance to all employees.

Safety Starts with Me!

Active participation by everyone, every day, on every project is required to achieve this goal.

Life Saving Rules

Safety is one of EDI’s core values. These Life Saving Rules reflects corporate culture and ensure the safety of our employees, contractor and work environment. They are the safety fundamentals that staff and contractors must know to protect everyone on worksites.

  • Safety at Work – I do not put myself and others in danger. Safety Starts with Me!
  • Safety Systems – Comply with EDI’s Safety Systems, government legislation and regulations, use the appropriate personal protective equipment and do not override safety critical equipment.
  • Driving – Operate vehicles in a safe manner, comply with all local regulations; wear seatbelts in all seats, practice defensive driving, follow your travel plan, do not use cellphones or hands-free devices while operating a vehicle.
  • Manual Transport & Lifting – Position yourself and body parts in safe positions when lifting or handling material, chemicals, equipment, tools and when moving on foot.
  • Hazards – Identify, Control and report all hazards.
  • Training – Only operate equipment or conduct tasks that you have been trained and certified to use.

Safety Recognition & Certification

EDI is committed to high safety standards and is continually improving upon them; this is recognized with our COR certification through the following certifying partners:

COR Certifying Partners

  • BC Forest Safety Council (BC)
  • Alberta Association of Safety Partnerships (AB)
  • Northern Safety Network (Yukon)

Contact our Safety Director, Dennis Thideman, at for additional information.


In addition to our COR Certifications, EDI is registered and in good standing with the following qualifying partners

Qualifying Partners

  • ISNetworld
  • Complyworks Canada
  • Avetta