Habitat Restoration and Reclamation

Living in, playing in, and caring for the places we work means we’re invested. It means that in the case of habitat restoration and reclamation projects, achieving your success means achieving our own: a healthy environment where we can all continue to live, work and call home.

Recent Work – Fish Habitat

  • Assessment and prescriptions for fish habitat mitigation, compensation and restoration
  • Watershed and stream channel restoration
  • Rearing and spawning channel design
  • Shoreline habitat assessments
  • Lake trout spawning habitat enhancement/restoration
  • Monitoring of restoration and compensation projects
  • Development of evaluation criteria for fish habitat improvement projects

Recent Work – Wildlife Habitat

  • Revegetation prescriptions and implementation (including bioengineering)
  • Wildlife habitat suitability and capability mapping and selection modeling
  • Assessment of habitat loss due to wildfires and wildfire suppression efforts
  • Riparian habitat restoration recommendations, cost estimates, and implementation

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