Environmental Assessment

With environment assessment, knowing what not to focus on is just as important as knowing what to focus on. With proven expertise in terrestrial and aquatic sciences, land and resource use, and environmental review and regulation, we understand how to separate the needs from the noise. That means working to understand your project’s potential impacts to its specific environment then working with you to evaluate and mitigate them. By staying focused on what matters to your project, we are able to concentrate your dollars where they matter most. The result? — succinct and effective work, with a satisfied client list to show for it.

Regulatory Experience

  • BC Environmental Assessment Act
  • The Canadian Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment Act
  • The National Energy Board
  • The Yukon Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment Act
  • The Nunavut Impact Review Board

Recent Environmental Assessment Work

  • Fish, amphibian, water quality, invertebrate, and sediment surveys
  • Population and habitat surveys for large mammals and birds, soil and vegetation surveys
  • Traditional land use and subsistence and recreation
  • Hydology, hydrogeology and geomorphology
  • Terrain mapping, terrain suitability and soil erosion potential assessments

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