Urban Development

EDI staffs professionals with expertise in planning, fisheries, and wildlife as well as provide clients with a broad range of services in urban and rural development.

Services include:

  • Riparian Areas Regulation or applicable legislated riparian setback assessment
  • Interpretation and implementation of relevant sections of Official Community Plans
  • Interpretation and implementation of relevant sections of Land Development Guidelines
  • Government agency liaison (First Nations, Local, Provincial, Territorial, and Federal)
  • Fish distribution
  • Fish passage projects
  • Fish habitat, compensation and restoration projects
  • Stream assessments
  • Storm water and sewer infrastructure planning & management
  • Construction environmental management & planning
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Erosion and Sediment Control
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Urban planning
  • Neighbourhood planning
  • Human and wildlife interface
  • Watershed Drainage Plans
  • Municipal water supplies and water quality

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