Renewable Energy

Bioenergy, geothermal, tidal, run-of-river, solar, and wind are all potential energy sources in a clean renewable future. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is a common goal among federal, territorial, and provincial governments that continues to drive development of clean, renewable energy.

For example, BC has adopted a policy that all new electricity generation has a net zero greenhouse gas emissions, and that clean or renewable electricity generation continues to account for at least 90% of total generation.

EDI works with BC Hydro, Yukon Energy Corporation, Yukon Electric Co., and independent power producers including small hydro and large run-of-river proponents on electricity generation and transmission projects. Additionally, EDI works with alternative energy providers such as wind power and bioenergy technologies. Our staff are current in the leading issues and opportunities available in this sector. We provide the following key services to support hydropower project development:

  • Project feasibility studies
  • Hydrometric surveys and analysis
  • Fish species distribution, fish habitat assessment and population studies
  • Instream flow assessments
  • Wildlife and ecosystem surveys
  • Watershed assessment, planning and monitoring
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Navigable waters assessments
  • Project engineering design environmental support
  • Construction Environmental Management Plans (EMP)
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Long-Term Ecological Monitoring Program development and implementation
  • Operational Environmental Management Plans

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