Oil and Gas

The oil and gas industry has a strong presence in western Canada. As part of the pre-application process for a geophysical license and application process for various operations, aquatic and terrestrial assessments are completed to demonstrate due diligence to meet regulatory requirements. EDI and its staff are fluent in regulatory requirements of Fisheries and Oceans Canada, National Energy Board, BC Oil and Gas Commission, BC Ministry of Environment, Alberta Sustainable Resource Development, and Alberta Environment among other regulatory agencies.

EDI has extensive experience providing environmental services required for licenses and permits including

  • Fish and fish habitat assessment
  • Wildlife and wildlife habitat assessment (suitability and functional analysis)
  • Stream crossing assessment & monitoring
  • Vegetation and ecological processes
  • Land use issues (First Nation traditional use).
  • Wetland classification
  • Ungulate Winter Range and Wildlife Habitat Areas assessment
  • Old Growth Management Area assessment
  • Mitigation planning and Deviation requests
  • Schedule A and Schedule B soil assessments
  • Biomonitoring using invertebrates

Exploration and right-of-way development continually require environmental services such as environmental assessments, permitting, monitoring, and remediation.  EDI works closely with oil and gas clients during the application phase of pipeline, road, and well site development; and at seismic-water extraction sites.

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