About EDI

Health and Safety Program

Health and safety is of utmost importance for EDI and all of our team members. We have a significant commitment and have invested the resources into the development and implementation of a comprehensive health and safety program.

Key components of our program include our Health and Safety Policy and corporate culture that focuses on safety. As required by our H&S Policy, safety procedures and protocols are developed and administered on a project-to-project basis. We ensure that all staff receive appropriate safety training necessary to complete their assigned tasks, and take pride in the fact that our program is as practical as it is robust.


Guiding Principles


The guiding principles behind EDI’s corporate safety plan include:

  • Safety being the highest priority at all times;
  • All activities are performed in compliance with regulatory requirements, and EDI Safety Rules;
  • Safety hazards are identified, communicated, recorded, and addressed;
  • Safety training and equipment are provided to employees to ensure all work can be completed safely;
  • All employees understand and uphold their responsibilities outlined in the safety program, and follow safe work procedures.


Safety Recognition & Certification


EDI is committed to high safety standards and is continually improving upon them; this is recognized with our COR certification through the following certifying partners:

COR Certifying Partners

  • BC Forest Safety Council (BC)
  • Alberta Association of Safety Partnerships (AB)
  • Northern Safety Network (Yukon)

In addition to our COR Certifications, EDI is registered and in good standing with the following qualifying partners and WCB agencies:

Qualifying Partners

  • ISNetworld
  • Complyworks Canada
  • PICS

Workers' Compensation Board

  • Alberta
  • British Columbia
  • Saskatchewan
  • Yukon