Willow Creek Mine Property Environmental Support Services

The Willow Creek Mine is located approximately 45 km west of Chetwynd, BC within the Pine River Valley. The property is an open pit metallurgical mine that produces various grades of coal, which are exported via CN Rail. Ongoing development at the site includes upgrades to existing roads and construction of new roads, as well as bridges, sediment ponds, a railway loadout, and instream mitigation/compensation works. The mine site lies adjacent to several other active properties owned by the proponent, including the Brule and Wolverine sites.

Our Role in the Project

  • Environmental assessments pertaining to fish and fish habitat, large mammals and birds, water quality, aquatic life, invertebrate and sediments.
  • Construction Environmental Management Planning (CEMP) and Environmental Monitoring.
  • Provided technical support for the Environmental Assessment process with provisions for Erosion and Sediment Control.
  • Preparation of CEAA screening report.