Mayo Lake Enhanced Storage Project

Yukon Energy is proposing to enhance the storage at Mayo Lake by lowering the current licensed minimum water level for the lake by up to one metre. This would provide additional water that would be primarily used in the winter to displace diesel generation. The upside to the project is that it doesn't require any additional or new construction as it can be operated using the existing infrastructure. Mayo Lake has a significant fish population which includes lake trout and lake whitefish. Yukon Energy has released a video explaining the details of the project.

Our Role in the Project

Mayo Lake

  • Baseline data collection including fish, plants, water quality and habitat mapping
  • Investigation of spawning dynamics for fall spawning fish including:
    - Egg collectors for lake trout to determine spawning depths
    - Radio and acoustic tagging/tracking of lake trout and lake whitefish
    - Lake trout egg takes and incubation trials at a range of depths
    - Emergent trapping for lake trout
    - Sampling in suspected spawning locations (gill netting and seining)
    - Lake trout spawning habitat enhancement and monitoring
    - Larval sampling for lake whitefish
  • Assistance with consultation with regulators and local First Nations.
  • Impact assessment support