Invasive Plant Management: Training and Awareness

EDI completed an analysis of resources spent by all government agencies, NGOs, municipal governments, and others on invasive plants and their management in British Columbia during one fiscal year. This analysis was called 'State of the Weeds' and was a precursor to further research on economic impacts of the issue. We conducted Invasive Plant Management Training for Highway Right-of-Ways workers, and continue to conduct IPC training on invasive plant ecology and management in support of IPC's province-wide initiative.

Our Role in the Project

  • Analyzed and reported total recources allocated by all stakeholder groups involved in invasive plant management in BC.
  • Completed Best Management Practices called Targeted Invasive Pant Solutions. “TIPS” were reviewed by the IPC Technical Working Group and are currently available on the IPC website.
  • Conducted training on invasive plant management to wide range of audiences.
Invasive Plant Management: Training and Awareness

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