Faro Mine Complex - Revegetation

The Faro Mine Complex is an abandoned lead-zinc mine located in east-central Yukon. By the mid-1970s it was the largest operating lead-zinc mine in Canada. Abandoned in 1998, the mine is now under care and maintenance jointly managed by the Canadian and Yukon governments. Currently, a closure plan is being finalized for the site, after which the project will be submitted into the regulatory approval processes. Closure plan implementation is estimated to begin in 2014.

Our Role in the Project

  • Revegetation trials using local seed and natural vegetation in selected locations throughout the mine site.
  • Experimentation with various revegetation techniques.
    - Baseline vegetation and soil studies to determine revegetation options.
    - Three years of trials employing methods unique to the site.
  • On-going monitoring of established trial sites and continued efforts to expand the revegation ‘toolbox’.