A Home-Grown Christmas Tree

December 7, 2016

EDI has been a supporter of the Yukon Hospital Foundation's Festival of Trees event for several years. With a renewed interest in supporting local business, our 2016 Christmas tree was geared toward showcasing items and services sourced from local businesses to promote all the options people have when shopping locally. From the outset, the generosity of our local businesses was outstanding - they were so keen on the idea of EDI's Home-Grown Tree that our modest tree quickly shot from a $1000 value (our donation) to a $3,800 value. We are proud to announce that our tree raised $5,000 for the Yukon Hospital Foundation. The incredible response from local business and supporters was amazing!

We were blown away from the response of the business community and this has reinforced the whole reason we should all support local business! 

Your Business Builds Community!